night and day compared to ivanti and other HEAT consultants


Buying Ivanti HEAT Neurons (formerly Ivanti Service Manager) out of the box and expecting it to be anywhere near serviceable for your purposes is wishful thinking. There is a huge amount of customisation required, some of it highly technical. Either be prepared to throw resource at the training academies and go through the steep learning curve, or look to consult with a business which is as experienced as Gregor and a19 Consulting. They took the pain out of the process.

Compared to Ivanti consultation directly, its been night and day. Gregor and a19 Consulting owns both the technical solution and the implementation.

Coming from a business where we have a small, inexperienced team of Ivanti Admins having an experienced, knowledgeable, practical hand supporting us is invaluable.

Compared to previous consultations where the solutions delivered were based on delivering against a blueprint without any consideration of the wider impact of delivering certain changes even if those impacts were obvious and avoidable. Consultation with a19 compared to other Ivanti HEAT ITSM Consultants has been a night and day change for us.

a19 makes a strong case for a direct engagement model, 1-2-1 for the consultants to the product owner in the business. Internally there are some of the team who are keen to have more direct access with the consultant but there is a strong argument to keep the engagement focused.

Positive engagement, improved Ivanti implementation resulting in happy users and happy IT staff. Project team looking better as a result. Could you ask for more?

Rob Moody | ASM UK | End User Computing Manager
Sodexo Australia | Ivanti HEAT Cloud Customer

Five Stars All The Way

“Our engagement with Gregor and a19 Consulting has been highly successful in scoping Ivanti HEAT Neurons design changes, meeting with key business stakeholders and delivery of service improvement. Technical expertise and ability to project manage the implementation of changes meets all expectations.

Five stars for Ivanti HEAT Neurons Experience, Technical Knowledge, and Consultative Approach.

We are very confident in Gregor and a19 Consulting to assist in the delivery of required changes and their industry expertise in advising of best practice Ivanti HEAT configuration set-ups to follow.”

Jamie Davidson | Sodexo Australia | Infrastructure & Support Manager

Best in Class ivanti consulting

“Very good consultative approach, effective use of consultancy hours, best practices applied in solution design and delivered scope of work on time.

I would recommend a19 Consulting as best in class and will definitely use their services again.”

Ria Smith | Sodexo Australia | HSE Director

Connects business needs and best practices to the technical Ivanti HEAT Neurons solution

“Professional and consistent in the approach and delivery; Very knowledgeable about the platform, business acumen, that connects business needs and best practices to the technical solution for Ivanti Service Manager (HEAT), now Ivanti Neurons for ITSM/ITAM.”

Milo Shulev | Sodexo Australia | Project Manager

Testimonial for ivanti service manager consultant Gregor Anton on working with a19 consulting after kifinti solutions implementation

Taking Ivanti HEAT ITSM to the next level

“EXP had completed an Implementation of the Ivanti Service Manager and Asset Manager toolset. (now Ivanti Neurons for ITSM) The implementation team from Kifinti Solutions were helpful in getting it up and running, but we needed someone that could take EXP to the next level and configure the tool so we could utilize all of its potential. As EXP was also in a transition period where our processes and workflows were being redefined, Gregor and a19 Consulting were able to work with us to align our working processes with the workflows within the Ivanti Service Manager tool, utilizing Ivanti Best Practices and latest solutions.”

Steven Morin | EXP | Helpdesk Manager | Canada & USA
ivanti business partner network heat service management manager professional services best practices kifinti solutions kifinty dds it gregor a19 consulting
DDS IT Auckland New Zealand


“I worked with Gregor at DDS IT, an Ivanti Business Partner that engaged a19 Consulting to provide Ivanti Professional Services to our clients and in-house staff in New Zealand and Australia, with Ivanti Service Manager (formerly HEAT IT Service Management by Frontrange), now Ivanti Neurons for ITSM/ITAM.  
Gregor, is without doubt a unique and distinctive authority in the Ivanti ITSM space with his consulting and development experience and extensive insight to best practices going back over 24 years with the HEAT and now Ivanti ISM/IAM products.”

—Neill Evans | Solutions Architect | DDS IT | Ivanti Business Partner | Australia & New Zealand ANZ
city of brampton - kifinti solutions - crm - ivanti self service portal

Every IVANTI HEAT CONSULTANT said it couldn’t be done!

Gregor was able to implement what everyone at Ivanti and Kifinti Solutions said couldn’t be done! A booking and reservation system for our parking authority. Now citizens of the City are able to reserve daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly parking passes. Gregor delivered what other Ivanti consultants said was impossible.

Shelley, City of Brampton, Municipal Services Manager | Canada

Customer Focused Ivanti HEAT CRM Software Implementations, Upgrades and Best practices

“Gregor at a19 Consulting (formerly with Avante Solutions) has a knack for CRM Software Implementations, upgrades, and best practices, with a consultative, customer-focused, holistic approach and possesses an uncanny ability to problem solve, marrying the business need, with effective technical solutions.”

Madan Murthy | Replicon| Director of Sales | Canada & USA

lehigh cement headelberg HEAT Frontrange Best Practice System Latest Solutions Gregor Avante Solutions implementation upgrades now ivanti service manager

A True HEAT MacGyver

“I worked with Gregor at Lehigh Cement, implementing the HEAT IT Service Management System. Gregor had developed a Best Practice system for the Frontrange business partner, Avante Solutions, and his experience with HEAT (now Ivanti Service Manager) was next level. Highly technical and business process focused at the same time, holistic approach, offering the latest solutions, best practice advice, and unique, simple, yet effective solutions to the most complex challenges. A true HEAT MacGyver!

Jason McGuire | Lehigh Cement| Project Manager | Canada


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