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Ivanti Service Manager 2021.3 Release

WOW. Plenty of new and exciting new and improved features for Ivanti HEAT 2021.3 and beyond!

From Enhanced Security Permissions and Role Management, with a role rollback option to Mobile Analyst configuration options and customizable Mobile UI for any and all roles, and one of my a19 best practices, using Global Constants to control new & enhanced features, Tablet device support for the Enterprise Self Service page, improved Self Service Performance for Request Offerings, Self Service Chat Improvements, Consumable Workflow enhancements.

One thing is for sure. Ivanti is focused on quality and HEAT (Ivanti Neurons ITSM) continues to be a market leader for over 2 decades now.

Upcoming Versions

2021.3 – Planned October 2021

2021.4 – Planned December 2021

Updated Architecture

Updated Searches, more “Google Like”

Machine Learning


Roles and Permissions CRUD

Roles & Permissions have been become more complex with the Ivanti Asset Manager release. There are a few key roles like Asset Scanner, Storage Managers and Procurement Manager that need to be considered.

CRUD – Create Read Update Delete

A CRUD is an acronym for Create Read Update Delete, the basic four functions for record storage.

Sample CRUD

Sample CRUD
Ivanti Asset Manager

Notice that the Asset Admin and Asset Manager Roles are left off by design, as the focus for existing Ivanti Service Manager implementations are the SDM, SDA roles and Asset Admin/Manager roles typically introduce unnecessary complexity.

a19 Consulting – Best Practice System – Tip

  • Never Ever Delete – use a status value or hide checkbox
  • Limit Access – add more access as needed; less is more!
  • K.I.S.S.– Keep It Simple Smart people
  • Review during UAT – It is recommended to review the CRUD during UAT as core T.E.A.M. members will have had an opportunity to use the system and get familiar with the workspaces and their relationships. Furthermore Record and Field Level access permissions by Role, Team, Organizational Unit, or other criteria can be determined at that time.
T.E.A.M. T.ogether E.veryone A.chives M.ore