What’s new in Ivanti HEAT Neurons for ITSM/ITAM 2023.1?

With the Cherwell convergence (or as I call it, the return of the prodigal son) there are some very exciting features coming up in the 2023.1 Ivanti Neurons for ITSM/ITAM release, however experience dictates that it will take a few months to flush out the gremlins.

  • Visual Graphic Action Designer
  • Trusted Agent (Windows)
  • Webhooks (Insert)
  • Advanced Monitors Updates (alphanumeric ID, group business objects)
  • Simplified Expression Editor
  • Stored Prompts Enhancements
  • ITAM: Consumable Enhancements (assigned to financial owner or user)
  • Microsoft Teams Integration Enhancements
  • Other Feature Updates
    • Responsive Analyst improvements
    • Responsive Analyst fixes for localization
    • Analytic Metrics – label and percent options for Pie/doughnut chart
    • Self Service Chat Timeout removed from chat configuration workspace; analyst timeout is set to application timeout by default
    • Localization Workbench (BETA)
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What’s new in 2022.2 for Ivanti Neurons for ITSM/ITAM

  • Low Code – No Code (Codeless Configuration)
    • Stored Expressions
    • User Specific Stored Values (Beta)
    • Variables (Beta)
  • UI Enhancements
    • Flex Control: New URL
    • Attachment Viewer (for most file types)
    • Attachment Size Limits Global Constant
    • Request Offering List Control Enhancement:  Select All Option
    • System Level Global Constants Names/Data Types are now read-only
    • User friendly error messages for Service Requests
Ivanti Neurons for ITSM 2022.2 Release Schedule Latest Solutions Ivanti Service Manager HEAT

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What’s new in 2022.1?

Here are the highlights for the upcoming Ivanti Neurons for ITSM, aka Ivanti Service Manager (powered by HEAT) 2022.1 release scheduled for March/April.

See the Ivanti Maintenance Notifications for release dates, which vary based on your data centre location (Europe, Ireland, Australia, USA, Canada) for cloud, and check the Ivanti Support Site for On-Premise release dates.

2022.1 Release Highlights

  • Modern User Experience for Analysts Updates
  • Accessibility Enhancements for Analyst Interface
  • Security Updates & Enhancements
  • Service Catalog Load Time Improvement
  • Knowledge Search Fix for searches with double quotes
Ivanti Cherwell UK EU Ireland Australia New Zealand ANZ APAC Canada USA

Ivanti Cherwell Convergence

The long lost prodigal son has returned. That’s right. Cherwell, the Frontrange (HEAT) spin-off.

For Cherwell Customers, Shift-Left is the focus. No Surprise here. Ivanti is an IT power house. 78 of Fortune 100 are using Ivanti.

The goal is to take the best out of Cherwell and converge it into Ivanti. No surprise here. You could look at Cherwell as a Frontrange HEAT development branch.

The exciting part for Ivanti Customers, from a functional and technical perspective:

  • No-code builder for expressions (already possible now, will be improved)
  • Expanded API capability
  • Enhanced expression capabilities
  • Advanced workflows – interactivity, improved integration scenarios, navigation, branching logic
  • Variables
  • Modifiers, manipulate data without requiring code
  • Delegation of Approvals (already possible now, ask me how, will be improved)
  • Trusted Agent – access to private network resources without requiring a VPN
  • Better incoming email parsing and actions
  • Localization Workbench
  • All LoB (Line of Business) Content and Custom Content Maps available

2022 indeed will be super exciting and expect to see some of these changes in the first half of 2022 with a goal to complete convergence and upgrades by the end of 2022.

Video can be found at videos.a19consulting.com

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What is ISM Brownout?

Code Freeze, aka Brownout, is a point in time in the development process after which any and all configuration changes must be coordinated with the lead consultant to mitigate risk of conflicting changes and new defects. 

The term comes from Electricity “brownouts”, a partial, temporary reduction in total system capacity, which results in the dimming experienced by incandescent lighting when the voltage sags

A best practice is to create an ISM Announcement, Alert, and Notification for ISM Administrators, as well as change the logo of your STG DEV tenant, as well as change the PROD logo for the Administrator, Admin Level 2, and Validation List Manager roles. (Not familiar with Admin L2 and Validation List Manager? Contact me for details.)

ISM Brownout
aka Code Freeze

Ivanti Service Manager Upgrades

Before you consider upgrading your on premise Ivanti Service Manager (ISM) and/or Ivanti Asset Manager (IAM) you should consider the What’s New Releases, the Ivanti Release Schedule, Steps Involved, and Impact to your Service Desk Implementation.

For example if you are upgrading from the HEAT Classic Ticketing System then the changes and impact to your organization, business processes, and day to day operations, is substantial versus just a minor release upgrade.

Of course if you’re using SaaS (Software as a Service) hosted by Ivanti then you are privy to the most current version and should review the What’s New information and Ivanti Cloud Calendar for regression testing, training, and identifying a communication plan.

Here is a quick summary of the latest Ivanti Service Manager (ISM) and Ivanti Asset Manager (ISM) Releases. This is my personal cheat sheet.


Be sure to Contact me for more information!

ivanti service manager release history

Ivanti Service Manager On-Premise Release Schedule

Upcoming Ivanti Service Versions

Ivanti Service Manager 2020.2 – July 24, 2020  

2020.3 – Planned October 2020
2020.4 – Planned December 2020

Current Version
2020.1 – Ivanti ITxM Download 2020.1

Previous Versions
2019.3.x – Ivanti ITxM Download 2019.3
2019.1 – Ivanti ITxM Download – 2019.1
2018.3.1 : Ivanti ITxM Download – 2018.3.1

Ivanti Service Manager 2020.1 On-Premise Released

Upcoming Versions
2020.2 – Planned June/July 2020

2020.3 – Planned October/November 2020

Current Version
2020.1 – Ivanti ITxM Download 2020.1


Ivanti ITxM 2019.3 Available for Download

Ivanti has released ITxM 2019.3, that is Ivanti Service Manager and Asset Manager 2019.3 On Premise for download.