What is a Soft Go-Live?

A soft go-live, also know as soft launch, or soft roll-out, can be a preview release to a limited audience prior to the general user base, or often a cut-over period where the system to be replaced, the legacy system is used either side-by-side with the new system, or the legacy system is used for lookups only and the new system is used for new entries.

Soft go-lives are great for testing functionality with real-live scenarios. UAT “should” have accounted for all the use cases and test scripts for real live day-by-day job functions, but the reality is that nothing tests your new system or upgrade like the real thing. When rubber hits the road so to speak. Lets face it, test driving your new SUV around the parking lot isn’t quite the same as taking it for a weekend camping in the Rockies, with your kids, uncle Bob, and all the family pets. That’s when the real world sets in. Technically the “soft go-live” for a new car are the first 1000km that you need to take it easy on your new purchase and get used to its handling, before you go on a long trip. Same goes for your Ivanti Service Manager implementation, upgrades, and new features.

For example, if you’re rolling out Ivanti Asset Manager, with Asset Scanning, Procurement workflows for Purchase Orders, Product Catalog for Hardware and Software, Storage Locations to manage consumables and Packing Slip scanning, there are bound to be some new procedures that need to be tested in the real world. With real live situations.

Benefits of a Soft Go-Live

  • Valuable feedback from real, live situations
  • Mitigate risk by gradually rolling out new features and processes, and allowing time to ‘fine tune‘, identify any requirement gaps, and quickly resolve technical issues and requirement changes, overnight
  • Time to learn new workflow and become familiar with the new system
  • Time to build knowledge articles, FAQs, and training documentation & videos
  • Gradual roll-out requires less intense planning
  • Time to update reference data
  • Train individual teams or groups gradually
  • Less burden on support infrastructure compared to hard go-live
  • Meet commitments, build confidence, and gain momentum as features are gradually rolled out and users as well as support staff have time to adjust to the new system and workflows

Soft Go-Lives aren’t just recommended. Gradual rollouts are a Best Practice!