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Is Ivanti a Professional Services Provider?

Ivanti is an IT powerhouse and supply software systems that require professional services. That is not the same as a professional service provider. Ivanti is in the sales business straight and simple.

A while back, in the Frontrange days for HEAT, there was a Professional Services Group, however that group disbanded and replaced with Sales, Project Managers, and Customer Service Managers.

Most if not all Ivanti Professional Services that are delivered today, for example for Ivanti Service Manager (HEAT) aka Ivanti Neurons for ITSM, are not delivered by Ivanti but delivered by Ivanti Business Partners and managed by an Ivanti Project Manager.

This should matter to you when you approach Ivanti for Product Support and Professional Services. Remember what I said earlier, Ivanti is in the Sales business. Sales as in products sold take priority, with Professional Services outsourced to Business Partners, not far behind. Of course by selling more product, more professional services are needed.

With that said, you need to be very careful of a) choosing the right business partner & implementation consultant and b) deciding on what products are a good fit for your company’s direction and business needs.

Case & Point, reporting. I just recently created dashboard reports and analytic metrics for a client that was told it couldn’t be done with out-of-the-box tools and other technology was needed. This is where you need to be careful.

Why purchase and invest in new software product, development resources, training, and additional services for non-native technology like Xtraction (a LANDesk Product), Reports (yep, that’s right, reports are not native and use the Microsoft SSRS engine), and Power BI (again Microsoft), when you can deliver all your reporting needs out of the box with Dashboards and Analytic Metrics.

More on Reporting CLICK HERE

Case & Point, professional services. Given the choice between and Ivanti Lead Implementation and Business Partner Lead, I would not choose Ivanti. Too many chefs in the kitchen, and too many agendas, constraints, and momentum lost in the red tape and project-micro-management. Choosing the right business partner is not an easy task either. It has more to do with the consultant than the business partner. There are lots of good and great business partners out there, but ultimately who will you engage with? who will drive the implementation and guide you? And will it be the same pre-sales consultant? Will there be a hand-off? And again, how many chefs will be in the kitchen?

It’s not easy to find experienced Ivanti HEAT Neurons consultants/developers/freelancers. Don’t I know it, with 25+ years Ivanti HEAT ITSM experience, and 100+ implementations going back to the HEAT for DOS days in 1996, I can tell you that some consultants with 15+ years experience may not have the competencies or skill set of what I’d consider a Junior Developer. And I’m looking for a Junior Developer right now….

The best advice I can give you is to have a discovery session with the candidates to determine which consultant/developer/freelancer is the right fit and has the skill set, and more importantly the competency, in areas like Project Management, Architecture, Design, Development, Consulting, Best Practices, Implementation, Support, Advice, to take you to the next level!

You also want to check the consultant’s testimonials. Here are mine:

Are you getting the most out of your Ivanti HEAT Neurons Implementation?
You are NOT. Not until you talk to me. Guaranteed!


PS: Be sure to read Ivanti Developer or Consultant?


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Ivanti Service Manager support for Mobile Notifications

Ivanti Service Manager (HEAT) has two options for sending mobile notifications.


Release Schedule – Ivanti Service Manager for On-Premise Deployments

Below is the planned release schedule of Ivanti Service Manager for On-Premise Deployments.

2018.1.1  –  Now Available.  You can download here Ivanti Service Manager 2018.1.1 Download

2018.3.1  –  Planned December 2018

2019.1.1 – Planned April 2019

2019.3.1 – Planned October 2019

The information presented here is for informational purposes only and is not a commitment, promise, or legal obligation to deliver any material, code, or functionality on a specific date.

Zapier Integration

Zapier is a web-based service that allows you to integrate web applications.

Ivanti Service Manager HEAT ITSM Zapier Integration
Ivanti Service Manager HEAT ITSM Zapier Integration

With Ivanti Service Manager 2017.3.1 onward you can now trigger the creation of an Incident, Change, Request, Service Request, or Incident note from other supported Zapier integrations such as a Google Sheet, Excel Spreadsheet, Google Calendar, Twitter, Chatbot, etc.
You can also trigger an integration when a new Incident, Change Request, or Service Request is created, for example, trigger the creation of a Google Calendar Entry when a Change Request is created or a Service Request is created (Computer Loaner Service Request for example).
The Zapier Pricing model is by # of Zaps (Integrations)  and Tasks, starting at $25 USD per month.

Ivanti Service Manager HEAT ITSM Zapier Integration Pricing
Ivanti Service Manager HEAT ITSM Zapier Integration Pricing


Breaking Down the 2018 Gartner Magic Quadrant for ITSM Report

The 2018 Gartner Magic Quadrant for the ITSM market has just been published. In this year’s report, Ivanti continues its movement up and to the right in Gartner’s evaluation. Join us to learn more about Gartner’s analysis of the top nine ITSM vendors, including their strengths and cautions for each vendor, and how Ivanti is well positioned again in Gartner’s analysis. We’ll also cover Gartner’s latest updates on the ITSM market and the advice they give to clients seeking a new ITSM solution.

Relevancy Searching

Ivanti Service Manager 2017.1 onward uses a new “model” for relevancy searching.
For example if you search Incidents for a customer with the keyword Consultant your search may NOT be in the order of your list view however if you use double quotes for specific phrases such as “Consultant” then your search will be in the correct order.
The solution is to add a Global Constant as outlined here:

Defining a New Global Constant for Full Text Search Relevancy

Customers who want to roll back the Full Text Search Relevancy to the older model used for releases prior to Ivanti Service manager 2017.1, must define a new Global Constant. Changing the settings for the global constant will either enable or disable the feature. For information about how to create a global constant see Creating a Global Constant.

Parameter Description
Name FullTextSearchRelevanceRanking

Enter the name for the constant exactly as shown.

Value False

False disables the new model and reverts the search relevancy to 2016.x functionality. Set the Value to True to enable the newer functionalityThe value for the global constant.

Type Boolean
Description Revert search behavior

What does HEAT stand for?

For those of you going back to the early days.  HEAT for DOS and HFW 2.0.  That’s right, HEAT for Windows 2.0, or HEAT ticketing system, you will likely remember the acronym for HEAT:

Helpdesk Expert Automation Tool

I still think it’s alot better than ISM.  Ivanti Service Manager.

Follow The Sun

There are several ways to configure Follow The Sun with Ivanti Service Manager.

You can use Dashboards to view your Region’s Queue’s.  Workflows can be configured with your organization’s re-assignment criteria.

For example, at the end of business day in APAC, EMEA, and the Americas, HEAT SM can reassign unassigned tickets to the next region.

Ivanti Service Manager Follow The Sun Dashboard
Ivanti Service Manager Follow The Sun Dashboard

Ultimately you will want to keep your Follow the Sun configuration as simple as possible and focus on workflow for unassigned tickets, tickets in triage, and assigned tickets.  Additional criteria to consider are Priority, Ticket Classification, and Service Level Agreements (SLA’s).

Typically I hold a 2 hour workshop with my clients do review and streamline their follow-the-sun process and develop a solution with Ivanti Service Manager.

Feel free to Contact Me to schedule an Ivanti Service Manager ITSM Audit to review your system and processes.