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What is IT Asset Management (ITAM)?

The International Association of Information Technology Asset Managers (IAITAM), answers the question, “What is IT Asset Management?” by defining ITAM as, “a set of business practices that incorporates IT assets across the business units within the organization.”

ITAM includes a review of current software and hardware used, ensures licensing compliance, and tracks how IT assets are being used and where changes may be needed. An ITAM audit may save you money by identifying software for which you are over licensed or an IT asset you are spending money on, but no longer using.

Is ITAM new?

No. ITAM has been around as long as IT has. The tools back in the day were just a lot simpler, for example back in the HEAT for Windows days in the mid 1990s, I developed Asset Tracking Systems for many clients such as Purolator Courier Services in Canada. Those Tracking Systems basically evolved over time, ITIL in the 1990s introduced the Configuration Management Database (CMDB), and in the last couple years we have seen some great enhancements again, and with that moved away from the term CMDB and started using ITAM.

Ivanti Asset Manager

IAM includes Hardware Asset Management, Software Asset Management, License Reconciliation, and Barcode Scanning and complements Ivanti Service Manager or runs stand-alone.

Where to next?

Simply put, Ivanti IT Asset Management (ITAM) goes beyond the old CMDB (Configuration Management Data Base) and offers an inventory of “What we think we have” versus “What we know we have“, that is “What was discovered”, and tools to make informed decisions, audit, reconcile and redistribute hardware and software assets.

Fast-forward to Ivanti Neurons and Edge Computing and you will see more shift-left solutions, features and functionalities.

Word of caution, out of the box, Ivanti Service and Asset Manager do offer you some basic configurations, however you will want to contact a seasoned Ivanti Consultant to implement the latest solutions that fit your company’s overall strategy, business processes, and roadmap.

Be sure to contact me for a FREE no obligation discovery session to take your ITAM Implementation to the next level!

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Ivanti Maintenance Notifications by Landscape

The Ivanti Status Cloud Page is a great way of staying on top of notifications. Only snag is that there isn’t an easy way to see landscape specific updates for your Data Centre.

For example if your Ivanti Cloud tenant is in Frankfurt Landscape (FFZ), you still see all Landscape on the status page. Sure you could subscribe to email alerts for your landscape only, but lets face it, email isn’t a productivity tool, so I’ve gone ahead and created status pages that filter the rss feed, for Frankfurt, Australia APAC, London UK, Ireland, Toronto Canada, North Virginia USA East, and Washington USA West

Ivanti Cloud Status Updates & Maintenance Notifications Ivanti HEAT Neurons Podcast | Best Practices | Tips & Tricks | Latest Solutions

Ivanti Cloud Status Updates consist of important Maintenance Notifications and Operational Status Updates for Ivanti Neurons, Ivanti Service Manager, and Ivanti Asset Manager Cloud Platforms. The Ivanti Status Cloud Page is a great way of staying on top of notifications. Only snag is that there isn't an easy way to see landscape specific updates for your Data Centre. For Ivanti Maintenance Notifications specific to your tenants be sure to visit status.a19consulting.com Ivanti Cloud Maintenance Notifications for Ireland | IRL Ivanti Cloud Maintenance Notifications for London UK | LDZ Ivanti Cloud Maintenance Notifications for Frankfurt Germany | FFZ Ivanti Cloud Maintenance Notifications for APAC | AUSTRALIA | NSZ Ivanti Cloud Maintenance Notifications for Toronto Canada | TTZ Ivanti Cloud Maintenance Notifications for North Virginia (America East) | NVZ Ivanti Cloud Maintenance Notifications for Washington (America West) | WAZ

For Ivanti Maintenance Notifications specific to your tenants click and book mark the following: