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Problem #89360 for Ivanti Service Manager 2022.1 Upgrade breaking Integration Log Error Stats attachments

With the upgrade to Ivanti Service Manager 2022.1 there is one problem that you might be experiencing with Data Import Integrations not producing Error Stats attachments.

Ivanti is aware of the issue and is actively working on Problem #89360

Note that depending on your Data Centre, your tenants (STG/UAT/Production) may have been upgraded to the latest release. For example, Australia, UK, Europe have been upgraded, while Canada USA is just starting to roll out the 2022.1 release to DEV (STG/UAT). Check your Ivanti Maintenance Notifications here

UPDATE: As of May 2022 the issue with Integration Log Errors Stats attachment creation has been resolved.

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Ivanti Developer or Consultant?

This is a very common question I get from Ivanti prospects. In fact I rebranded for this reason. It’s not that I like showing of many titles like “Ivanti HEAT Architect“, “Ivanti Developer“, “Ivanti Consultant“, “Ivanti Project Manager”, there is actually a very important distinction. Another reason is that I do it all!

Developers are coders and typically focus on software development, coding, and Ivanti HEAT configuration. Whereas Consultants may be functional, technical, or both, bringing years of industry experience to the table and using their knowledge & experience to advise management in areas such as but not limited to SOPs, standard industry practices, workflows, business processes.

Nowadays most “Consultants” are either A) “Developers” with a hefty daily “consulting” rate that far exceeds a developer’s typical rate. or B) “Consultants” with little hands-on development or Ivanti Implementation experience. By “little experience” I mean less than 10 years and less than 25 Implementations.

It really comes down to competence vs skill. Sure, Ivanti HEAT is “configurable” however the Ivanti ITSM tool has come a long way and does tend to require someone with Development AND Consulting experience to consultant with clients to make informed configuration, architectural, business, functional, and technical decisions.

Experience plays an important factor too, as does the the number of Ivanti HEAT ITSM Implementations. After all, there are many freelancers, and developers disguised as consultants with 5 or 10 years experience however more often than not it’s the same 1 year repeated 5 or 10 times, working on 1 Ivanti HEAT Implementation.

Last but not least you need to consider industry experience, customer revenue & location. You want to find a developer/consultant/freelancer that has experience in many industries. Why many industries and not your industry exclusively? There’s a saying, “What’s as common as dirt in one industry, is an atomic bomb in another!”, that is, you want to leverage best practices & ideas from other industries. Customer Revenue (i.e. Fortune 500 or Global 500) play an important role as well, after all an Ivanti HEAT ITSM Implementation with thousands of employees and dozens of Service Desk staff has different sets of challenges and solutions than a service desk team of 5 supporting hundreds of employees. And this is where location plays an important role as well, multi-national, versus international, vs domestic operations. If you have offices in the UK, EU, Middle East, Africa, Australia, Canada, and the US for example then you likely have another set of challenges, reporting requirements, and solutions that apply to you versus someone based in a city/municipality for example.

Make no mistake about it, combined, experience, and number of implementations as well as solid Testimonials are key to when searching for a competent Ivanti HEAT ITSM “Developer” or “Consultant” or “Ivanti Freelancer”.

Ivanti HEAT ITSM Consultant UK EU Ireland DACH Australia New Zealand Canada USA Ivanti Service Manager Ivanti Asset Manager ITAM Ivanti Neurons

PS: Be sure to read “Is Ivanti a Professional Services Provider?

Ivanti Cloud Status Updates & Maintenance Notifications

Ivanti Cloud Status Updates consist of important Maintenance Notifications and Operational Status Updates for Ivanti London, UK, Ireland, Frankfurt, Australia APAC, Toronto Canada, and North Virginia and Washington Data Centres.

The Ivanti Status Cloud Page is a great way of staying on top of notifications for Ivanti Neurons, Ivanti Service Manager, and Ivanti Asset Manager Cloud Platforms. 

Only snag is that there is nO easy way to see landscape specific updates for your Data Centre.  UNTIL NOW!

For Ivanti Maintenance Notifications specific to your tenants be sure to visit

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Former Kifinti Solutions Consultant launches Ivanti HEAT ISM Podcast

Ivanti HEAT ISM Podcast covers popular Ivanti Service Manager (HEAT ISM), SDLC, ITSM, ITAM, and ESM Topics, latest solutions, best practices, and is available on Anchor, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Apple iTunes, Breaker Audio, Castbox, Pocket Casts, Radio Public, Listen Notes, and of course via RSS Feed

your Ivanti Podcast Host

LONDON – April 27, 2021 – PRLog — “Podcasts are a great medium to share information.  Podcasts are quick and easy to create, powerful, and also convenient to listen to on the morning commute, lunch break, or while travelling. Plus you can download Podcasts for offline listening.

Personally I like to download a few hours worth of Podcasts whenever I’m travelling or stuck somewhere and want a break from reading or watching videos.

I decided to create the Ivanti HEAT ISM Podcast as an extension to my Ivanti HEAT ITSM Blog as podcasts are more powerful than a blog entry and allow me to quickly share relevant Ivanti HEAT ISM Information,” says Gregor Anton, a former Kifinti Solutions Consultant.

 is a unique and distinctive authority in the Enterprise Service Management space with his consulting and development experience and extensive insight to best practices going back to 1996 with the HEAT and now Ivanti Service Manager (ISM) and Ivanti Asset Manager (IAM) products.

Providing HEAT ITSM Best Practices and now Ivanti Best Practices, with his tried, tested, and true implementations, and upgrades, Gregor now focuses on his company, a19 Consulting, his a19 Ivanti Best Practices System, a19 Ivanti Mobile Applications (Android, iOS)Ivanti ITSM Blog, and now Ivanti HEAT ISM Podcast.

Gregor has been developing, streamlining, and implementing best practices and latest solutions for fortune 500 companies and Frontrange Business Partners (Change Control, Avante Solutions, Kifinti Solutions) and Ivanti Business Partners (Kifinti Solutions, DDS IT), worldwide.  The testimonials speak for themselves.

The ITxM Space (ITSM, IT Service Management, ITAM, IT Asset Management) has never been more exciting, as is the transformation to ESM (Enterprise Service Management).

Are you getting the most out of your Ivanti Implementation?
Not until you contact a19 Consulting to take your Ivanti Implementation to the next level!

PS:  Have an Ivanti Topic or Question you’d like us to cover?  Submit at