Error with Linked Field | CONTAINS or FREETEXT predicate on table or indexed view not full-text indexed

If you encounter an error while changing a linked field that references “CONTAINS or FREETEXT predicate on table or indexed view not full-text indexed” then you likely need to check that

  • Search Fields of your Linked Field are Full Text Index
  • Full Text Indexed Checkbox on the Linked Field’s Relationship is not checked if any of the search fields are not full text indexed

The latter can happen when you re unable to enable full text indexing on a field when you have more than 1 million records


SCCM Integration fails on 1st attempt, successful on second attempt

Thought I’d share a strange SCCM Connection issue with the Ivanti Service Manager (HEAT ISM) Integration. Cloud, VPN, SCCM 2010

The 1st connection attempt fails with error: 40 – Could not open a connection to SQL Server

The 2nd connection attempt is successful (no changes made to settings)

This is an issue for scheduled SCCM imports that are set to nightly and the import shows as complete but actually fails with zero batches and records processed. 

Manually running the connection experiences similar symptoms and testing the connection sometimes gives an error the first time around but is ok the second time around.

HEAT Ivanti Service Manager (ISM) SCCM Integration Issue with VPN Workaround:

To overcome this SCCM Integration issue, at first I attempted creating a second schedule with the same SCCM Integration but didn’t seem to work and the SCCM Integration ran, showed as completed, but had zero bathes and records.

Then created a second dummy SCCM Integration, with a filter that produced zero records, and scheduled it 15 minutes prior to the actual SCCM Integration.

That seems to have been working so far.

Ivanti finally came back and recommended to look into the “keep alive” setting on the VPN, as it may be getting in the way .

Ivanti Service Manager Dashboard Error Resources neutral culture

Error: ‘Could not find any resources appropriate for the specified culture or the neutral culture…’ when accessing a dashboard

Here is an error that came up launching a dashboard that sounds like a localization issue, but it’s not.

User-added image

Clicking ‘OK’ lets you access the dashboard.

The issue is typically a permissions issue. Check that the role experiencing this symptom has top level tab access to the business objects used by the dashboard. If that doesn’t solve it then check the permissions of the saved searches used. A really quick way, and perhaps the best way to troubleshoot if you can’t shake this error, clone the dashboard in your DEV (STG/UAT) environment and remove dashboard parts one by one to identify the culprit.