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ivanti heat enhancement request for current user function

Please vote for this QUICK WIN that addresses CURRENT GAP and SECURITY RISK:

QUICK WIN: We need a function for CurrentUserInContactGroup similar to CurrentUserInTeam()

Why? For elevated access, SECURITY reasons, and overall improved UI, user experience, and to satisfy business requirements and business processes.

When? For situations where Contact Group members require elevated access.
Elevated Access such as Quick Actions, Command Buttons, Field visibility, Field Required Rules.

For example CAB Members for Change, Knowledge Advisory Group for Knowledge, and Approval Contact Groups for Approvals and Service Requests.

User Stories:

  • As a Contact Approval Group member for example I need to have access to override Approvals.
  • As a CAB Approval Group member for example I need to have access to edit certain fields on a change request, such as Scheduled Start/End Date, etc.
  • As a Knowledge Advisory Group member I should have the ability to Publish Knowledge Articles. The list goes on.

Current GAP, RISK, and Opportunity:
– Switching between Change Manager, Knowledge Manager, SDM, etc) is very cumbersome, limiting, and poses a SECURITY RISK.

For example a CAB Member should not have full Change Manager Access. Same applies to Approval Contact Group Members, Knowledge Advisory Board Members and so on.

Especially Approval Contact Group members have very specific members (Department Heads for example) that should have some additional functionality and security rights but as an Analyst or Self Service User.

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ivanti enhancement request australia uk canada

Rapid Dashboards

As you may recall from a pervious post, the industry trend is Dashboards over Reports.

I recently logged this Enhancement Request with Ivanti. Please be sure to vote HERE!

Rapid Reports was a great enhancements to allow end users to quickly create list and form reports based on Saved Searches.

Another need that many customers have is “Rapid Like Dashboards”, more specifically, end users (Executive/Managers/Analysts) require on-demand dashboards to quickly produce a chart, graphic, pivot table, etc.

This functionality would be a huge quick win leveraging existing dashboard functionality.

The design would be a “Rapid Dashboard” button on list views, similar to rapid reports, with a popup of dashboard templates, for example:
Chart by Month
Chart by Owner Team
Top 10 Chart

where the underlying “Templates” are configured similar to dashboard parts.

ie. Chart by Month > Group by CreatedDateTime, by month etc.

The Rapid Dashboard Template would be configured similar to a dashboard part except “Saved Search” would not be available and based on the currently active Saved Search.

Here is a mock-up. Please be sure to vote!!

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HEAT ISM | Enhancement Requests

Great News! Two of my enhancement requests are on the Ivanti Roadmap:

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Survey Module Improvements


Dashboard Legend Top/Bottom Results Button

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