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Is Ivanti a Professional Services Provider?

Ivanti is an IT powerhouse and supply software systems that require professional services. That is not the same as a professional service provider. Ivanti is in the sales business straight and simple.

A while back, in the Frontrange days for HEAT, there was a Professional Services Group, however that group disbanded and replaced with Sales, Project Managers, and Customer Service Managers.

Most if not all Ivanti Professional Services that are delivered today, for example for Ivanti Service Manager (HEAT) aka Ivanti Neurons for ITSM, are not delivered by Ivanti but delivered by Ivanti Business Partners and managed by an Ivanti Project Manager.

This should matter to you when you approach Ivanti for Product Support and Professional Services. Remember what I said earlier, Ivanti is in the Sales business. Sales as in products sold take priority, with Professional Services outsourced to Business Partners, not far behind. Of course by selling more product, more professional services are needed.

With that said, you need to be very careful of a) choosing the right business partner & implementation consultant and b) deciding on what products are a good fit for your company’s direction and business needs.

Case & Point, reporting. I just recently created dashboard reports and analytic metrics for a client that was told it couldn’t be done with out-of-the-box tools and other technology was needed. This is where you need to be careful.

Why purchase and invest in new software product, development resources, training, and additional services for non-native technology like Xtraction (a LANDesk Product), Reports (yep, that’s right, reports are not native and use the Microsoft SSRS engine), and Power BI (again Microsoft), when you can deliver all your reporting needs out of the box with Dashboards and Analytic Metrics.

More on Reporting CLICK HERE

Case & Point, professional services. Given the choice between and Ivanti Lead Implementation and Business Partner Lead, I would not choose Ivanti. Too many chefs in the kitchen, and too many agendas, constraints, and momentum lost in the red tape and project-micro-management. Choosing the right business partner is not an easy task either. It has more to do with the consultant than the business partner. There are lots of good and great business partners out there, but ultimately who will you engage with? who will drive the implementation and guide you? And will it be the same pre-sales consultant? Will there be a hand-off? And again, how many chefs will be in the kitchen?

It’s not easy to find experienced Ivanti HEAT Neurons consultants/developers/freelancers. Don’t I know it, with 25+ years Ivanti HEAT ITSM experience, and 100+ implementations going back to the HEAT for DOS days in 1996, I can tell you that some consultants with 15+ years experience may not have the competencies or skill set of what I’d consider a Junior Developer. And I’m looking for a Junior Developer right now….

The best advice I can give you is to have a discovery session with the candidates to determine which consultant/developer/freelancer is the right fit and has the skill set, and more importantly the competency, in areas like Project Management, Architecture, Design, Development, Consulting, Best Practices, Implementation, Support, Advice, to take you to the next level!

You also want to check the consultant’s testimonials. Here are mine:

Are you getting the most out of your Ivanti HEAT Neurons Implementation?
You are NOT. Not until you talk to me. Guaranteed!


PS: Be sure to read Ivanti Developer or Consultant?

Ivanti HEAT Neurons ITSM Dragons Den UK Canada Shark Tank US Australia

Lessons Learnt from Dragons’ Den UK and Shark Tank Australia

I started watching Dragons’ Den in Canada and then the US version of Shark Tank. When I ran out of episodes to watch I tuned in to Dragons’ Den UK (The Original) as well as the Shark Tank Australia Spin Off. Another German Spin Off that I tend to watch is “Die Höhle der Löwen” (The Lions’ Den)

What does all this have to do with Ivanti, HEAT, and ITSM? More than you think!

When it comes to proper business analysis and requirements gathering, key is asking the right questions (eliciting requirements), focusing on the topic at hand (Scope), targeting the audience (Decision Maker, Subject Matter Experts), laying down the rules of the Den, and setting expectations. (Project Management).

All too often businesses struggle in the den, whether it’s their evaluation, skill set, lack of business planning, thinking too big (unrealistic expectations) or too small (lack of vision or saleability).

The same applies to Ivanti HEAT Neurons ITSM Implementations. All too often:

  • Developers/Consultants lack implementation experience
  • Developers lack consulting experience, and vice versa, Consultants lack development experience
  • Implementation plans are cookie cutter, blue sky, or virtually non-existent
  • Business requirements have more gaps than solutions
  • Technical requirements are flawed
  • Architecture and Solution Design are afterthought
  • Best Practices are a foreign word
  • Business Process Documentation is non-existent
  • Training is old school and lacks a modern approach

In Summary, I highly recommend you watch a few episodes of Dragons’ Den UK, Canada, and Shark Tank US & Australia, and think about how you can apply the questioning and process of the format to your Ivanti HEAT Neurons Implementation. Better yet. Find yourself a Dragon 😉 and ask yourself…


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You are NOT. Not until you talk to me. Guaranteed!

I started watching Dragons' Den in Canada and then the US version of Shark Tank.  When I ran out of episodes to watch I tuned in to Dragons' Den UK (The Original) as well as the Shark Tank Australia Spin Off.  Another German Spin Off that I tend to watch is "Die Höhle der Löwen" (The Lions' Den) What does all this have to do with Ivanti, HEAT, and ITSM?   More than you think! blog.a19consulting.com
ivanti podcast - heat ism - ivanti service manager - former Kifinti Solutions Consultant - SDLC - ESM - UAT

Former Kifinti Solutions Consultant launches Ivanti HEAT ISM Podcast

Ivanti HEAT ISM Podcast covers popular Ivanti Service Manager (HEAT ISM), SDLC, ITSM, ITAM, and ESM Topics, latest solutions, best practices, and is available on Anchor, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Apple iTunes, Breaker Audio, Castbox, Pocket Casts, Radio Public, Listen Notes, and of course via RSS Feed

your Ivanti Podcast Host

LONDON – April 27, 2021 – PRLog — “Podcasts are a great medium to share information.  Podcasts are quick and easy to create, powerful, and also convenient to listen to on the morning commute, lunch break, or while travelling. Plus you can download Podcasts for offline listening.

Personally I like to download a few hours worth of Podcasts whenever I’m travelling or stuck somewhere and want a break from reading or watching videos.

I decided to create the Ivanti HEAT ISM Podcast as an extension to my Ivanti HEAT ITSM Blog as podcasts are more powerful than a blog entry and allow me to quickly share relevant Ivanti HEAT ISM Information,” says Gregor Anton, a former Kifinti Solutions Consultant.

 is a unique and distinctive authority in the Enterprise Service Management space with his consulting and development experience and extensive insight to best practices going back to 1996 with the HEAT and now Ivanti Service Manager (ISM) and Ivanti Asset Manager (IAM) products.

Providing HEAT ITSM Best Practices and now Ivanti Best Practices, with his tried, tested, and true implementations, and upgrades, Gregor now focuses on his company, a19 Consulting, his a19 Ivanti Best Practices System, a19 Ivanti Mobile Applications (Android, iOS)Ivanti ITSM Blog, and now Ivanti HEAT ISM Podcast.

Gregor has been developing, streamlining, and implementing best practices and latest solutions for fortune 500 companies and Frontrange Business Partners (Change Control, Avante Solutions, Kifinti Solutions) and Ivanti Business Partners (Kifinti Solutions, DDS IT), worldwide.  The testimonials speak for themselves.

The ITxM Space (ITSM, IT Service Management, ITAM, IT Asset Management) has never been more exciting, as is the transformation to ESM (Enterprise Service Management).

Are you getting the most out of your Ivanti Implementation?
Not until you contact a19 Consulting to take your Ivanti Implementation to the next level!

PS:  Have an Ivanti Topic or Question you’d like us to cover?  Submit at http://podcast.a19consulting.com/


Ivanti Best Practices

The ITxM Space (ITSM, IT Service Management, ITAM, IT Asset Management) has never been more exciting, as is the transformation to ESM (Enterprise Service Management).

Experience dictates that the happiest Ivanti Customers are those that are actively following Ivanti Best Practices.

Best source for Ivanti Best Practices

Ivanti does a pretty good job at providing best practice advice and marketing material, but if your’e looking to take your Ivanti Service Manager implementation or upgrade to the next level, then you owe it to yourself to seek the advice of a professional services company that has been there in the trenches, implementing Ivanti Service Manager (formerly HEAT by Frontrange) since 1996.

Best Practice advice is good. Experience Is Better!

There is no doubt that Ivanti is a leader in the ESM space, but when it comes to professional services, implementations, upgrades, configurations, integrations, latest solutions, and best practices, then professional service experience of consultants trumps that of a software company. Every time.

Ivanti Business Partners and Independent Consulting companies such as www.a19consulting.com are there in the trenches, dealing with the day to day, operational challenges, supporting customers long after Ivanti has done their sales presentation.

Are you getting the most out of your Ivanti Implementation?

You aren’t. Guaranteed! The most important decision you need to make to take your Ivanti Implementation to the next level is contacting an Ivanti Professional Services provider with Best Practice experience.

Introducing the Ivanti Best Practice System

Developed by a veteran Ivanti Consultant and Systems Developer, who has consulted for and mentored Frontrange Business Partners (Change Control, Avante Solutions) and Ivanti Business Partners (Kifinti Solutions, DDS IT) alike.


Join other Ivanti Customers and Ivanti Business Partners and contact us, we are here to help.

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2019 Ivanti Partner of the Year Awards, Americas

2019 Ivanti Partner of the Year Awards

for the latest solutions and best practices
contact www.a19consulting.com

Ivanti Business Partners in the Americas were awarded as follows:

ESP Partner of the Year: Network Consulting Services, Inc. (NCSI)
NSP Partner of the Year: CDW
MSP Partner of the Year: NCR
New Partner of the Year: Critical Design Associates (CDA)
Distribution Partner of the Year: Ingram Micro
Services Partner of the Year: Flycast Partners
Latin America Partner of the Year: 4Deal Solutions
Partner Sales Rep of the Year: Paul Kelsey – Kifinti Solutions (Canada)
Partner Sales Rep of the Year: Clinton Randall – Integral Consulting Services
Sales Engineer of the Year: Trey McGlaun – McGlaun Consulting
Sales Engineer of the Year: Brian Hoskins – Network Consulting Services, Inc. (NCSi)