the spirting of giving

Is it Christmas already?! With Covid and the lockdowns, it either felt like it took forever to get here, or it went by so quickly. One thing is for sure, Christmas is never forgotten. There is another holiday though that’s in the shadows, at least its origin is. It’s far too commercialized now… IMHO

Did you know that boxing day, a statutory holiday in many parts of the world, was established the day after Christmas to “box” up old clothes and items for donations that were replaced by Christmas gifts?

Christmas really is a time to be giving rather than receiving. With that in mind, I have donated to various charities, not just today, but over the last year. See pictures below.

You might ask, what does this have to do with Ivanti, HEAT, and ITSM? What is your Ivanti Service Manager spin?

Over the last couple decades implementing HEAT, Ivanti Service Manager, and now Ivanti Neurons for ITSM/ITAM, the most successful projects were those with collaboration & sharing information, that’s right, giving is the key to a successful partnership and implementation.

Does it feel like you’re giving more than you’re getting? Sometimes internal politics or past bad experiences with a vendor, partner, or consultant, can lead to mistrust and reservation. Sometimes it is just a lack of knowledge, expertise, or skill that makes people freeze up. Other times, it is not having the right people (SMEs, Decision Maker) part of meetings, or perhaps a Project Manager reluctant to listen to subject matter experts (SMEs). I have always said that:

“Ivanti HEAT Neurons ITSM Implementations are simple. People make things difficult.”

Gregor Anton
ivanti HEAT Best Practices
since 1996
Project Management, Architecture, Design, Development

25+ years, 100+ implementations

Sometimes you have to share a lot to get back a little. Whether that’s free ESM advice. Implementation Templates. A show & tell of frequently requested functionality. A Lunch & Learn. Admin Tips & Tricks. Ivanti Best Practices. Relevant business examples of what has, and has not worked for other Ivanti clients. Or perhaps the Ivanti HEAT Neurons Blog you are reading now or my Ivanti HEAT Neurons Podcast.

Other times you just need to take a break and regroup. Holidays are great for recharging your batteries and getting back into things, refreshed and perhaps with a new perspective, re-evaluating how you got to where you are today, what hurdles you overcame, and all the great things you have accomplished.

With that said, I wish you Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year!


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