Ivanti Partner Network

The Ivanti Partners Program tends to change every year or two, especially when there are new acquisitions and mergers. With Endpoint Management acquisitions the Ivanti Partner network ballooned and as a result was revamped to differentiate between Managed Service Providers and Strategic Partners, and most recently was restructured again to open to Strategic Alliances and Referral Partners.

From an Ivanti Service Manager perspective, a long time ago Professional Services were delivered by Ivanti Consultants but that has changed quite drastically with Ivanti Professional Services outsourced to preferred Ivanti Business Partners (Kifinti Solutions, Critical Design Associates, Flycast Partners, Network Consulting Services Inc, Integral Consulting Services and others) with Ivanti Project Managers overseeing implementations with the help of Customer Service Managers.

Having worked with HEAT Frontrange Business Partners (Avante Solutions, Kifinti Solutions), and Ivanti Business Partners (Kifinti Solutions, DDS IT, and others), experience dictates that Ivanti managed projects tend to be oversold, under budgeted, and costly overhead.

Sometimes less is more, and the old saying, too many chefs in the kitchen start a fire comes to mind as Project Managers tend to micro manage and Customer Service Managers mean well but are even less experienced than Project Managers.

In contrast, working directly with Ivanti Business Partners can be advantageous, second only to working with an experienced consultant directly.

Working with an experienced Ivanti Consultant directly eliminates the overhead and reduces the costly price tag of Ivanti and Ivanti Business Partners. For these reasons I can quite comfortably say

Give me just 19 minutes of your time and

I GUARANTEE to improve your

Ivanti Service Manager Implementation



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