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Ivanti Freelancer or Ivanti Business Partner?

Recently I wrote about the difference between Ivanti Developers and Ivanti Consultants. Today we’re going to dive a little deeper.

There are really 3 routes to go for your Ivanti Servicer Manager (powered by HEAT) aka Ivanti Neurons for ITSM/ITAM project:

Ivanti Professional Services

While you’d expect to get the best professional services from a vendor, you have to realize that Ivanti is in the sales business and Ivanti outsources all their professional services. In fact most of the so called “Consultants” and “Systems Engineers” are sales people with a couple years, 4 years at best experience with Ivanti Sales and ZERO hands-on implementation experience. How is that possible? Ivanti decided to disband their professional services group and outsource all their professional services work to Ivanti Business Partners. More on that here: Is Ivanti a Professional Services Provider?

Ivanti Business Partners

Choosing the right business partner is not an easy task either. It has more to do with the consultant than the business partner. There are lots of good and great business partners out there, but ultimately who will you engage with? Who will drive the implementation and guide you? And will it be the same pre-sales consultant? Will there be a hand-off? How many chefs will be in the kitchen?

It’s not easy to find experienced Ivanti HEAT ITSM Neurons consultants. Don’t I know it, with 26+ years Ivanti HEAT ITSM experience, and 100+ implementations going back to the HEAT for DOS days in 1996, I can tell you that some consultants with 15+ years experience may not have the competencies or skill set of what I’d consider a Junior “Developer”.

Ultimately the goal of an Ivanti Business Partner is to create a large team and even larger revenue model. Great for them, bad for you, because you are now dealing with too many people that likely have just a few years experience and could never handle an implementation on their own.

Ivanti Freelancer

There is no better alternative for RESULTS DRIVEN engagements than an Ivanti Freelancer that’s hands-on, intimately familiar with the Ivanti HEAT ITSM/ITAM products and can handle an implementation/project on their own.

You want someone with now just the right skill set, but more importantly competency, in areas like Project Management, Architecture, Design, Development, Consulting, Best Practices, Implementation, Support, Advice, to take you to the next level!

You’ll want an Ivanti Consultant/Developer that can back up their work with testimonials. Here are mine:

Are you getting the most out of your Ivanti HEAT Neurons Implementation?
You are NOT. Not until you talk to me. Guaranteed!

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Ivanti Cloud Status Updates & Maintenance Notifications

Ivanti Cloud Status Updates consist of important Maintenance Notifications and Operational Status Updates for Ivanti London, UK, Ireland, Frankfurt, Australia APAC, Toronto Canada, and North Virginia and Washington Data Centres.

The Ivanti Status Cloud Page is a great way of staying on top of notifications for Ivanti Neurons, Ivanti Service Manager, and Ivanti Asset Manager Cloud Platforms. 

Only snag is that there is nO easy way to see landscape specific updates for your Data Centre.  UNTIL NOW!

For Ivanti Maintenance Notifications specific to your tenants be sure to visit status.a19consulting.com