What’s new in Ivanti HEAT Neurons for ITSM/ITAM 2023.1?

With the Cherwell convergence (or as I call it, the return of the prodigal son) there are some very exciting features coming up in the 2023.1 Ivanti Neurons for ITSM/ITAM release, however experience dictates that it will take a few months to flush out the gremlins.

  • Visual Graphic Action Designer
  • Trusted Agent (Windows)
  • Webhooks (Insert)
  • Advanced Monitors Updates (alphanumeric ID, group business objects)
  • Simplified Expression Editor
  • Stored Prompts Enhancements
  • ITAM: Consumable Enhancements (assigned to financial owner or user)
  • Microsoft Teams Integration Enhancements
  • Other Feature Updates
    • Responsive Analyst improvements
    • Responsive Analyst fixes for localization
    • Analytic Metrics – label and percent options for Pie/doughnut chart
    • Self Service Chat Timeout removed from chat configuration workspace; analyst timeout is set to application timeout by default
    • Localization Workbench (BETA)

What are ITSM, ITIL, and Ivanti?

Creating a successful and efficient IT service management (ITSM) model is key to any modern business.

ITSM began with the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL), which provides best practice guidance and an extensive set of processes and policies for improving IT service delivery and customer satisfaction.

However, there have been many advances in ITSM since the emergence of ITIL. Ivanti is one of the leading ITSM solutions that has been popular not just in recent years, but for almost 3 decades. Bendata brought us HEAT (Helpdesk Expert Automation Tool) with it’s Call Logging application for DOS and then HEAT for Windows. Later on the company went through name changes from Bendata to HEAT Software, and finally Frontrange Solutions (FRS), plus there was a spin-off company, Cherwell, before finally both were acquired by Ivanti, bringing us Ivanti Neurons for ITSM (formerly Ivanti Service Manager).

Ivanti integrates multiple best-in-class tools into a single unified platform and allows organizations to customize the tools to meet their specific business needs. With Ivanti, organizations can reduce their total cost of ownership, simplify IT service management processes, and reduce manual effort. This platform also helps organizations better manage their IT assets and more efficiently manage their IT service delivery processes. Ivanti also provides a secure, compliant environment for storing sensitive data and provides built-in reporting tools to easily track IT performance goals.

In summary, Ivanti is an innovative ITSM solution that can help organizations to improve the quality of their IT services, reduce operational costs, and maximize operational efficiency. It is the perfect solution for organizations looking to optimized IT service delivery and ensure customer satisfaction.

Next time you’re considering an Ivanti Consultant or Developer, it’s helpful to remember the history as there are too many junior Ivanti Developers/Consultants/Project Managers that give themselves the title “senior” with only a few years experience and only a few implementations. Even 15+ year veterans are often junior. How do I know this? After 100+ Ivanti Implementations and consulting and developing for over 27+ years with Ivanti/Frontrange/HEAT around the world, I have encountered too many “senior” consultants/developers that just don’t measure up to what you’d expect. So if you’re serious about getting the most out of your Ivanti Implementations be sure to talk to me first.

Ivanti HEAT Neurons ITSM ITAM HTML Word Email Notifications UK EU Australia Canada

Why you shouldn’t use Word for HTML

It’s tempting to use Word for HTML. After all it’s easy to use Word, even easier to copy and paste into word and make formatting changes.

However the downfall is that Word adds a lot of redundant HTML code which is not only irrelevant and difficult to follow but it may be completely unreadable and not work on your web page, HTML viewers, or with Ivanti Email Notifications. In other words, it won’t be WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get).

You will want to use a WYSIWYG HTML editor such as Brackets and clean up your HTML if you’re using word as the source with https://wordhtml.com/

Ivanti HEAT Neurons ITSM ITAM HTML Word Email Notifications UK EU Australia Canada

Email Notification Localization

Presently HTML and Text fields can be localized so it is possible to create HTML content in multiple languages but that content can’t be used in notifications and the email quick action html editor also does not allow localization.

Using Local() function with email notifications will always default to English.

There are many multi-lingual companies now that have to work around this with multiple language fields and business rules to check the user’s language.

That is quite cumbersome and a better solution would be to:

  1. Enable localization for Email Quick Actions. Subject and Body
  2. Enhance the Local function with a “locale” identifier so that localized fields/html can be referenced in email quick actions. For example, local(“This is a test”,”de-DE”) or local (NotesBody,[FrsCompositeContractContact#.IncidentAssociatedCustomer]ContactLanguage)

Please vote for this Enhancement Request for Localized Email Quick Actions #Ivanti #Neurons #ITSM #IvantiServiceManager #HEAT #Localization #QuickAction #Email #EnhancementRequest