Q&A: Separate Ivanti Service Manager (ISM) instance for AP ticketing?

This is a question from a client in Canada.

Q: If needed are we able to create a separate instance for AP Ticketing?

So by “Ticketing” the Service Desk Manager is referring to incident management and service requests that Accounts Payable is currently handling with eMail and want to replace with Ivanti Service Manager which is already used by their IT Service Desk.

Funny enough I had a similar question from a client in the UK that wants to onboard other divisions and groups using email and other systems in Asia.

A. You could but a better way would be to configure your existing tenant (instance) with a new role specific for AP with record level access rights for AP to have access to only their “tickets” and no access to IT and vice versa. You can also customize the Self Service portal with “extended roles” so that Vendors and AP Customers have a Self Service portal separate from the IT Self Service portal.

In other words, if you have a big enough property and house, then why buy another property and house when you can turn your house into a duplex or multi-family dwelling by adding entrances, dividing walls, and restricting access with joining doors and common areas. Think HR, HSE, Supply Chain, Sales, Marketing, etc.

More on this topic here on my podcast:

Question from an ITSM client regarding their Ivanti Service Manager tenant: If needed, are we able to create a separate instance for the AP ticketing?
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