Self Service Request Offerings for Covid-19

With Covid-19 the world has been turned upside down. Customer Service in many industries is facing an influx of calls, emails.   Air Asia has done a great job implementing AI to deal with flight cancellations and issuing credits.  Ivanti Service Manager will be adding AI functionality very soon (stay tuned on some great examples and ideas for your company’s implementation).

What can you do now to streamline customer service and service desk processes for Covid-19?

Self Service Request Offerings

Where you are in the travel or hotel industry or an organization dealing with IT infrastructure strategies for remote works, Ivanti Service Manger can help.

Use Anonymous Forms

You can set up Anonymous Login in situations where not all customer, employee, or account data is available or configured.

Implement simple Self Service Request Offerings

Make forms easy and simple to use by requesting and requiring only absolutely essential information such as a unique identifiers, such as email address, reference number, booking code, asset tag, etc. as well as contact information (again email address) and phone number, or shipping location.

Use dropdowns or radio buttons to identify the type of inquiry or better direct the inquiry.    This is very powerful if you create a generic request form and then have options to better channel those requests. Think workflow, tasks assignment, approvals, which can be configured based on cases.

Going back to my example with Air Asia, I was prompted for my Booking Reference #, Last Name, travel origin, and type of  request (rebook, credit).  Upon providing all the information I was provided a credit to my account for my flight.

To implement the same functionality within Self Service you would create a request offering, with anonymous login if your target audience does not have logins, with all the above mentioned information, along with requester contact email address, and then in your workflow configure the path based on the type of request and forward to the corresponding team or notify the corresponding department to process the request.  Upon completion Ivanti Service Manager can be configured to send out the corresponding closure notification to the requester.