Email Notification Localization

Presently HTML and Text fields can be localized so it is possible to create HTML content in multiple languages but that content can’t be used in notifications and the email quick action html editor also does not allow localization.

Using Local() function with email notifications will always default to English.

There are many multi-lingual companies now that have to work around this with multiple language fields and business rules to check the user’s language.

That is quite cumbersome and a better solution would be to:

  1. Enable localization for Email Quick Actions. Subject and Body
  2. Enhance the Local function with a “locale” identifier so that localized fields/html can be referenced in email quick actions. For example, local(“This is a test”,”de-DE”) or local (NotesBody,[FrsCompositeContractContact#.IncidentAssociatedCustomer]ContactLanguage)

Please vote for this Enhancement Request for Localized Email Quick Actions #Ivanti #Neurons #ITSM #IvantiServiceManager #HEAT #Localization #QuickAction #Email #EnhancementRequest